Friday, June 24, 2011

Canning Bing Cherries

(my little kitchen helper... canning at six years old already)

As a child one of my favorite canned items were my grandma's bing cherries. I still envision their sweetness so I decided to try my hand at canning them. I was a little worried after the plums didn't go quite as well as I hoped.

I bought approximately 10 pounds of bing cherries from Fareway and I pitted them all by hand.

Since my grandma is no longer here, I was not able to ask her what she did as I wanted my canned bing cherries to taste just like hers. I decided on raw packing it, which means I put the cherries in the jar and poured the syrup on and canned them in a water bath.

I went with this method since cooking the fruit prior would probably just turn it to mush (like with the plums). So I made a light syrup and packed the cherries into pint jars. I made 12 pint jars and it took 2 batches and made the kitchen steamier than normal all morning.

The jars have sat for over a week now so my goal is to open one of them at our BBQ tonight to try the sweet deliciousness! I'll post next week on how that went.

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